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        Located in the Envirornmental Protection and Technology Industry Zone, Nation Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Yixing,JiangSu Shengyi Envirornmental Technology Co.,LTD was founded in April 2007. The company bases in JiangSu, and it is the only hi-tech integrated environmental protection enterprise in JiangSu Province which specializes in research¡¢development and applying sulfur recovery technology in chemical industries.Meanwhile,we established Shaanxi Shengyi Envirornmental Technology Co.,LTD in Xi¡¯an, accordingly it shaped up a modern management mode of research and development, designing, manufacturing and marketing.As the patent owner¡¢general contractor and operator, the company has carried on several sulfur recovery projects in domestic coal chemical industry since its founding.
        The company adheres to the scientific and technological development as the core, and both put emphasis on introducing and training of the talents. In the company, talents who have the degree of bachlor or above account for 90 percent, among them, almost 20 persons have the honor of Doctor of Engineering¡¢Master of Engineering¡¢Professor of Engineering or Senior Engineers. Moreover, the company also hires a number of well-known experts in the chemical industry as technical support, thus shapes a high-level R&D team of chemical and environmental.
        With the implementation of energy strategy of oil gas substituting for coal, the environmental problem has appeared. Sulfur recovery unit, both as a chemical end processing unit and environmental protection equipment, is playing an important role in the project. The rapid development of coal chemical industry has brought infinite space to the application of sulfur recovery technology. Also, it has brought us an opportunity of growing stronger and doing better. Through the establishment of projects, the company has got a large number of R & D results and patented technologies of sulfur recovery, so as to meet the request of different concentrations of hydrogen sulfide acid gas of sulfur recovery. Among these, Direct Oxidation Of Sulfur Recovery Technology is the only dry sulfur recovery technology for  the treatment of  low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the domestic. The research and application of¡°C-C Two Stage Method¡± has broken the situation of relying on imported technology in domestic high-sulfur process, and has provided the environmental protection to the development of domestic chemical industry.
        With the management philosophy of ¡°win-win cooperation¡± and the strong external resources, our company has improved the company value and brand value continuously. We have established a strategic partnership with China TianChen Chemical Engineering Corp ¡¢China Hualu Engineering&Technology CO.,LTD and Wuhuan Engineering CO.,LTD. Moreover, we have established a mode of ¡°win-win cooperation¡± with Lanzhou Aerospace Petrochemical Engineering Corp.We have done research on new products with the manufacturers of catalyst, and we have dedicated to the development of the dry catalytic denitrification technology, give birth to a new nitrogen removal technology.
        Now, we hold¡°Save the great distance, Thus the rationale¡±as our life creed, striding forward on the road of business management of specialization, differentiation and refinement. We set our own brand, realize the values of oursleves, and take the responsibility of protect and improve the environment. We respond to the call of develop the harmonious society, and enhance the competitiveness of the company both in domestic and foreign markets, so as to make greater contributions to domestic environmental protection industries and regional economic development.